Lennox Packaged Units Offer Versatility for Home Heating and Cooling

For many people building new homes or renovating and remodeling older ones, some of the most crucial decisions a homeowner must make is how to keep a home comfortably, yet affordably, heated in the cold months, and cool during the summer. Space concerns can often be problematic, with some homes not having a proper crawl space or basement for an indoors furnace. For many others, access to the crawl space is so cramped that furnace installation is difficult, and repairs which — were the unit in a more accessible place — would be quick and straightforward balloon into multi-hour repair sessions. A Lennox packaged unit offers versatility for both new home construction, and for homeowners looking for improved savings on heating and cooling bills.

The LRP16GE Packaged Gas/Electric unit from Lennox is a modern, efficient means of heating and cooling any residential home in West Georgia. It’s Energy Star qualified, and its SEER Efficiency Rating of 16 is comfortably above governmental requirements for air conditioner efficiency. With a traditional HVAC unit, there is an outdoor and an indoors component, requiring a more complicated set-up that demands more space in the home. For smaller houses sometimes those few extra square feet of possible storage space that the furnace unit is taking up, hiding in a never-used closet, could be put to a better use, if only it were possible to remove the furnace. With a Lennox packaged unit, you can reclaim that area by combining both heating and cooling functions into one easy-to-access outdoors unit. Additionally, since there is no indoor air handler, the ambient noise volumes in most homes will drop when moving from a traditional HVAC unit. It really is the sensible, affordable option for home heating and cooling.

To learn more about installing a convenient, efficient, new packaged unit at your home, contact Maxwell Heating & Cooling, where our experts are waiting to help you make the smart upgrade to your home’s heating and cooling needs with the purchase of a new Lennox packaged unit.