Reasons Why a Heating Tune-up is Important in the Fall Season

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Many times, as we run through our daily lives, we experience the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” phenomenon. Okay, so this isn’t really a phenomenon per se, but it still happens to many of us as we get caught up in our daily goings-on. One thing you don’t want to get caught by surprise about, though, is your furnace. When it’s still warm outside, tuning up your furnace can be one of the last things that you think about, but the cold will be here before you know it — you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a blustery fall day without any heat! That being said, here are three reasons why this is the perfect time for a tune-up.

Reasons why tune-ups make sense

  1. It can save you money. When you have a tune-up done on your furnace, cleaning of various parts and areas is included. This cleaning can help reduce some of your furnace’s wear-and-tear by not making your unit work harder than it needs to. It can also help extend the life of some of the parts by making sure they’re able to operate properly. And, you won’t just receive a cleaning when you get a tune-up, your unit will also receive an inspection. This inspection can help you find small problems before they become large problems. (Did we mention that by keeping everything clean, you also improve efficiency, which saves you money on your utility bill!)
  2. It can help keep your family and home safe. Like we mentioned in #1, part of having a tune-up done is getting an inspection. This inspection will make sure that your unit is operation properly, that there are no gas leaks, and that all of the necessary ventilation is in working order. You don’t want the heating source in your furnace to catch fire, or to end up with a carbon monoxide or natural gas leak in your home. Having your unit inspected before you start using it for the season can help you prevent these problems from ever happening.
  3. It will keep you in good standing on your warranty. A lot of warranties have a clause in them about preventative maintenance or tune-ups. If you have a problem that you need your warranty to cover, there is a very real possibility of denial of your claim if it’s found that you did not keep up on the regular maintenance of your unit. Finding out that you need a major repair done, and then finding that your warranty isn’t going to cover it, is not something you want to have happen. Prevent this issue by having your furnace tuned-up on a regular basis.

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If you have any questions about getting a tune-up done on your furnace, or if you would like to schedule one, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions, or to get you scheduled with one of our certified team members today!