Understanding Indoor Air Quality Issues: Allergens

Improving the quality of your indoor air is more than just eliminating bad odors. The air you breathe each day impacts your health and can have long-term negative consequences for you and your family.

Let’s look at the risks of one of the most common indoor air quality issues: allergens.

What’s The Problem related to Indoor Air Quality?

Dust buildup in your home can make breathing miserable. But dust isn’t the only allergen. Pet dander, pollen, mold spores and chemicals can also cause breathing problems and may lead to severe allergic reactions.

Where Do Indoor Allergens Come From?

Even excellent housekeepers who dust and vacuum regularly can have problems with allergens in their homes. That’s because allergens can come from other sources, too:

  • Pollen blows in through open windows.
  • Pets track in dust and dirt.
  • Damp areas breed mold and mildew.

What Can You Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality in your Home?

If you’re concerned about allergens in the air you breathe, we recommend a whole-house purification or filtration system. At Maxwell Heating and Cooling, we offer the full line of Healthy Climate Solutions products from Lennox. These systems combat sources of allergens in your home. They capture even the smallest allergy-aggravating particles – before they’re recirculated through your air. Unlike portable air filters, they improve the air quality throughout your whole house. And they last for years, making them well worth the initial investment.

With Healthy Climate Solutions from Lennox, you can choose the system that meets your needs:

  • Purification: The PureAir air purification system handles three types of indoor contaminants, including allergy-aggravating particles, germs and chemical vapors. It reduces ozone, saves energy, and reduces odors in your home.
  • Filtration: The Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 removes more than 95% of allergy-aggravating particles, and has the same level of filtration used by hospitals for general surgery areas. It also attacks germs like viruses, bacteria and mold.

Contact Carrollton’s Indoor Air Quality Expert

Not sure which system is right for you?  Have other questions about allergens and indoor air quality?  Contact us today. Our team at Maxwell Heating & Cooling can help you determine the best system to remove allergens from your indoor air.

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