For Comfortable Living, 3 Reasons why Moisture Control Matters

Moisture Control – Carrollton, GA

Warmer weather is breaking across Carrollton, Georgia, and also the surrounding areas. If you want to beat the heat, a Lennox Whole-Home Dehumidifier is the solution. Humidity does more than give you a bad hair day, it also affects the entire air quality of your home.

Here are 3 reasons why moisture control for comfortable living is your comfort solution this Fall season.

1. Healthier Air: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises American homeowners to prioritize improving the air quality of their homes. Today’s homes are more energy-efficient than ever. What that means is that pollutants and also pathogens are sealed inside the home with families. Integrate a whole-home dehumidification system and also enjoy these improved conditions in your home’s air quality:

  • Relief from allergy symptoms
  • Minimize conditions for mold and mildew growth
  • No more condensation on pipes or sweaty counters and also sticky floors

2. Constant Care: A homeowner considering a whole-home dehumidifier may already be using a portable single-room dehumidifier. Despite best efforts by homeowners, using a portable unit simply can’t deliver what a whole-home system does. Because the unit needs to be frequently emptied and moved from room to room, inconsistent results is what you get. Integrate a whole-home dehumidifier into your home’s HVAC system and enjoy constant vigilance from equipment designed to improve air quality ’round the clock.

3. Savings: As the changing seasons heat things up outside, families try to cool things off inside, turning down the thermostat. Moisture in the air will make your home’s air feel warmer. Dehumidify and you can have your thermostat set a few degrees higher. That means significant savings on your utility bills every month.

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Although picking up a portable dehumidifier is simple enough to do yourself, installing a Lennox whole-home dehumidification system is a job for HVAC professionals. Please contact us and our experts will help determine the capacity and size your home needs for the most comfortable living experience. Call today!

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