Why Your Outdoor Unit Needs Servicing After the Storm

The recent storm is on everyone’s mind, we hope all are well. You may have damage to your outdoor air conditioning or heat pump unit from the storm. Just clearing the debris and starting it up may cause more damage.

Use Proper Cleaning Technique

Technicians from Maxwell Heating & Cooling use the proper method for removing debris from the outdoor unit. It is possible for small debris like twigs and leaves, to get lodged inside the unit reducing efficiency and increasing wear. Also, the debris may have prevented water from draining properly out of the unit.

Damaged Outdoor Unit Coil

The last step in removing all the heat from your home is the outdoor coil. Any damage can reduce the effectiveness of the coil, even if it seems inconsequential like bent fins. This leads to shorter life of the equipment. In other words, you are paying extra without knowing it.

Just a small, invisible leak of refrigerant eventually leads to higher energy cost and less comfort. With the high cost of refrigerant, it is best to catch it early. If you have a Heat Pump, servicing is extra important since it also provides heating.

Please remember water is a conductor of electricity. Without proper training, working around electrical equipment with water nearby is very dangerous.

Contact Maxwell Heating & Cooling to check out your outdoor unit. We properly clear your unit and check for any hidden damage. We know you have a lot on your mind, we provide quick and honest service so you can regain your comfort not only for now but in the future.

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