3 Incredible Benefits Of The Ultimate Comfort System by Lennox

A quality HVAC system represents one of the best possible investments you could make in your home. And when it comes to the best systems on the market today, none compare to the Ultimate Comfort System from Lennox. This article discusses three aspects of the Ultimate Lennox Comfort System that will surely convince you of its clear superiority over the competitors.

Whisper Quiet – Lennox Comfort System

Traditional HVAC systems have a knack for rattling, banging, and wheezing at all the wrong moments. Such noises can easily intrude on the pleasures of life at home. Lennox recognized this problem when they engineered the Ultimate Comfort System, and overcame it.

To keep the system’s volume as low as possible, Lennox included their trademarked SilentComfort technology. This ensures that the Ultimate Comfort System produces a bare minimum of noise. As a result it boasts volume levels that are 50% quieter than those of a standard air conditioner.

Industry Leading Efficiency

Investing in a Comfort System will pay financial dividends as time goes on. This system boasts energy efficiency ratings as high as 26.00 SEER. In recognition of this incredible standard of excellence, the Ultimate Comfort System earned a designation as one of the Most Efficient products recognized by the ENERGY STAR program.

As a result of its industry leading efficiency, the Ultimate Comfort System from Lennox is able to keep your monthly energy bills at an all-time low. The savings you will yield can easily pay back your investment as the years go on.

Future Oriented

More and more people are expressing interest about HVAC technologies with smaller environmental footprints. Many people are investing in solar panels to help offset a portion of their home’s energy consumption. Lennox recognized this tendency when designing the Ultimate Comfort System.

As a result, this system comes ready to combine with solar modules. This allows you to lower your energy costs even further. Installing a solar panel to work with your Ultimate Comfort System can also make you eligible to receive a federal tax credit.

For more information about how you can capitalize on the benefits of the Ultimate System from Lennox, reach out to the pros at Maxwell Heating & Cooling.

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