Lennox UV Lights Beat the Germs

UV Lights for HVAC System

It’s early spring, but cold and flu season isn’t over. At this point, you may feel at a loss about what you can do to keep your family healthy. You keep a clean house and teach good hygiene to your kids, but everyone still ends up getting sick. It’s easy to kill germs on surfaces, but what about germs in the air?

Benefits for installing UV Lights

Here are the top reasons why installing UV Lights by Lennox to can help you beat the germs:

1. Lennox UV Lights kill mold, bacteria, and other germs in the air.

Lennox UV Lights reduce the concentration of microorganisms in the air by 50% after just 45 minutes. The ultraviolet light in Lennox UV Lights damages the cell structure of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other pathogens. This prevents these germs from spreading throughout your home, keeping your family healthier. Reducing mold and mildew is particularly important for people who have allergies. Your family with breathe easier with cleaner air.

2. Lennox UV Lights keep your heating and cooling system clean.

Lennox UV Lights also help maintain your heating and cooling system by killing the germs, mold, and fungi that may be living in your air ducts. Air filters only take care of dust and larger particles, but microorganisms slip through. By installing a Lennox UV Light in the duct behind the air filter, you can keep your system clean and running more efficiently.

3. Lennox UV Lights work all the time, even when your system is off.

Your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to be on for the Lennox UV Light to work. Even when your comfort system isn’t running, the UV light kills germs in the air of your home. Lennox UV Light lamps also have a life of one year, cleaning the air without requiring constant maintenance.

4. Unlike other systems, Lennox UV Lights do not produce ozone.

Ozone is a toxic gas that can make you sick. It doesn’t make much sense to kill the germs only to introduce a harmful gas into your home! Lennox stands apart from other UV air sanitizers because our UV Lights produce no ozone. By installing Lennox UV Lights, you’re making the healthier choice for your family.

Contact Lennox UV Lights Experts in Carrollton – Maxwell Heating & Cooling

Lennox UV Lights are compatible with all heating and cooling systems. To learn more about installing Lennox UV Lights in your home, please contact us at Maxwell Heating & Cooling in Carrollton, GA.

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