Do you have Uneven Temperatures in your Home

Problems with Uneven Temperatures in Your Home?

One thing we all expect from our heating and cooling systems is that they should be able to keep temperatures consistent throughout our homes; no matter if it’s summer or winter. Unfortunately, central HVACs often struggle to do just that. Several things can cause temperature inconsistencies throughout your home, including:

What Causes Uneven Temperatures?

  1. Ductwork Issues. Central heating and cooling systems rely on an intricate set of ductwork to distribute air throughout your home. If they become clogged or are also leaking or damaged, they won’t be able to distribute the air properly. This causes temperature inconsistencies.
  2. Thermostat Location. Central HVAC systems are usually controlled by a single thermostat in a fixed location. This means rooms that are physically closer to your thermostat will determine when your HVAC kicks on. This can cause rooms that are further away from the thermostat to be hotter or also cooler than you expect.
  3. Electrical Heat Sources. TVs, computers, also gaming systems, put out a lot of heat. Rooms with these devices will often be warmer than any other room in your house.
  4. Sunshine. Depending on how your home is positioned, and its location; the sun might heat up one side of your home throughout the day, which can confuse central HVAC systems.
  5. Convection. As we all know, warm air rises. If the rooms downstairs are cooler than the rooms upstairs, it’s usually due to the warm air rising through your ductwork and escaping through your vents.

Lennox Ductless Systems Eliminate Uneven Temperatures Issues

One of the biggest complaints about central HVAC systems is that they have a hard time keeping temperatures consistent from room to room. To eliminate all these issues, we encourage you to install a Lennox ductless system. Ductless systems are easy to install, energy-efficient, and they give you the ability to control the climate in each room of your house.

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