The Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement

Do You Need a Maintenance Agreement

The HVAC professionals at Maxwell Heating and Cooling Inc. strongly encourage our West Georgia clients to maintain their heating and cooling systems properly. Wondering why you should sign a maintenance agreement? We’re here to help you make that decision. When you enter into a maintenance agreement with Maxwell Heating and Air Inc. you will appreciate a number of benefits, including:

HVAC Maintenance Benefits

  1. Timely Reminders. Our busiest time of year is right before summer and winter. If you don’t book your maintenance appointment far enough in advance, we might be completely booked by the time you call us. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Maxwell Heating and Air, we’ll remind you to book your seasonal appointment ahead of time.
  2. Priority Service Calls. Be first in line for any HVAC-related services you need throughout the year. Our maintenance agreement clients always come first.
  3. Perks and Discounts. Our priority clients also enjoy discounts and other perks that aren’t available to our regular clients. These benefits including money-saving discounts on replacement parts and services.
  4. Extended HVAC Lifespan. We can help extend the life of your heating and air system. Proper routine maintenance can actually help your HVAC system last up to 50% longer.
  5. Money-Saving Fixes: Part of our routine maintenance process is to look for issues that might give you trouble down the road. By identifying and fixing small issues as soon as we find them we can keep them from turning into large; and also costly problems.  
  6. Lower Utility Bills: A well-maintained HVAC system will operate at peak efficiency, which will save you money on your utility bills.
  7. Documentation. Homeowners should keep clear documentation on everything that’s been done to their home, including any/all HVAC maintenance appointments and repairs. Whenever you need these documents, we’ll have them ready for you.

To learn more about our maintenance agreement program, contact your neighbors at Maxwell Heating and Air Inc.