Why is my Lennox Furnace Clicking?

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Most of us are used to the odd noises that come out of our furnace systems. Modern Lennox systems should leave you expecting a warm, efficient system throughout the winter. If a persistent “click” has appeared or your system doesn’t seem to be heating as well, it could point to a larger issue. Trust the local choice for furnace repair in Carrollton, GA, and also the surrounding areas.

Furnace Issues

The Usual Suspects

Let’s take a look at a few likely causes:

  • A Bad Pilot Heat Sensor – When your Lennox has an electric spark ignition and your pilot appears lit check your main burners. If the main burners remain cold and dark, you could have a bad pilot heat sensor. In this instance the system will continually spark (creating a sharp click) in an attempt to light it.
  • Worn Bearings – With age your system’s motor bearings start to wear, it can cause a regular clicking sound as the electric motor turns. If not addressed, the problem will continue to worsen until the motor is further damaged.
  • Faulty Gas Valve – Sporadic clicking can indicate that the problem could be with your home or business’s gas valve. This can lead to a dangerous situation requiring your gas provider’s assistance.

Leaving these issues unchecked could leave you with a cold house, high repair bills, or even a dangerous gas emergency.

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Professional HVAC Service And Repair

Anytime you hear a clicking sound in your furnace, have it checked as soon as possible by a professional HVAC technician. It is vital that the problem is identified and remedied quickly to save you money. For over two decades, Maxwell has been the name you can trust for HVAC repair in Carrollton. Contact us today so we can make sure your family will be warm all winter long.

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