Why You Should Upgrade To Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostat – Carrollton, GA

Do you pride yourself in keeping up with the most advanced technology? Are you committed to living a greener lifestyle? Does saving money inspire you? How about lifestyle conveniences that just makes this thing we call life easier? Then you are ready to upgrade your home’s HVAC system with a Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat.

Heart Health: Your home’s air quality is directly related to your physical health. and also your comfort A thermostat is the control mechanism for your home’s respiratory system, the HVAC system. Upgrading an outdated thermostat to wi-fi control improves your home’s heart health and also your comfort. A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to customize management and also control of their home’s air quality. This investment gives a maximum return in so many ways.

Coordination & Convenience: How many times have you left home and realized that the HVAC system is set for maximum comfort with no one there to enjoy it? What a waste of energy and also money! Ever returned home on a scorcher of a day to find that your home feels like an oven? How unwelcoming! By programming automated adjustments that coordinate with your schedule, homeowners can maximize savings while away and also always arrive to complete comfort.

The Goldilocks Zone: Did you know that humidity can affect temperature? Upgrade to wi-fi control for heating and cooling that is more efficient. Systems can make automatic adjustments in humidity levels. Get the humidity right and your home will never be too hot or too cold. It will always be just right.

Pick Your Perfection: Lennox appreciates those personalities that always order the works. The iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat has it all: high-definition touchscreen, remote monitoring and also adjustment capabilities via smart device, digital image display, 5-day forecast and much, much more.

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