Leaky ductwork can cause HVAC drafts this fall season

Ductwork Repair and Cleaning

Fall is here and ready or not, cooler temperatures are on the way. Does your ductwork need a makeover or cleaning? Can you tell if there are issues with your ductwork? Leaky ductwork can cause HVAC drafts and other issues to consider this fall.

Wasted energy

Have you noticed an increase in energy bills? According to Energy Star, 20-30% of air moving through ductwork is lost due to disconnected ducts, holes, or cracks. To put it simply, leaks in your ductwork means that air is escaping or coming in, depending on where the leaks are. Regardless of where the leaks are, these leaks mean more money spent running the HVAC system. Even worse, damaged or loose ducts leak air even when the system is not running, meaning the energy loss is constant.

HVAC system trouble

Leaky ductwork equals lost energy. This also equals an overused and abused HVAC system. Leaks affect how quickly cold or hot air is lost or brought in – depending on the temperature and whether you are running the air or heat. If you are running the heat in the fall or winter and the warm, air is quickly leaking out, or cooler air is leaking into the return ducts, this will kick your system on more frequently to maintain the set temperature. Your HVAC will be working much harder than necessary and most likely will need repairs sooner.

Health concerns

Besides the stress of increased energy bills, leaks in ductwork can negatively impact your health. Ductwork is often in basements, crawl spaces, or attics which are typically unconditioned areas. Leaks in your ductwork can increase moisture resulting in mold and mildew. Ductwork leaks located near hazardous materials or polluted air can result in you breathing these things in without even knowing it. Whether mold, dust or some other contaminant – you don’t want this being processed through your HVAC system. After the repairs are made to your ductwork, it’s important to clean the ducts properly.

Ductwork Experts – Maxwell Heating & Cooling

If you think you may have leaky ductwork or you aren’t sure, contact us at Maxwell Heating and Cooling, Inc. and we’ll make sure your ducts are in order for the fall season.

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