Benefits of A Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Carrollton GA Air Conditioning Tune Up and Maintenance

When the hot days of summer hit you’ll want your home nice and cool without any problems. Air conditioners are mechanical, and they need to be taken care of so they’ll work the instant you need them. After all, you don’t want to be sitting in a sweltering house in August while waiting for a repair technician to show up and fix your broken air conditioning unit. The best way to prevent this is to have an air conditioning tune-up done on your air conditioning unit before summer arrives. But, a tune up will do more for you then avoid an uncomfortable summer day. Here are two other benefits:

  • Major air conditioning repairs are usually the result of small problems not being noticed or ignored. A tune-up locates these problems before they turn into a major repair. Don’t let normal wear and tear on a system grow from something simple into something complicated and expensive.
  • Air conditioning units use a lot of energy. A/C and heating are usually the two biggest appliances in houses. If they aren’t running at their optimum level, they could be using more energy than necessary and not keeping you as cool or warm as they should. A tune-up by one of our trained technicians will make sure they are working at their peak efficiency.

AC Tune-Up Inspection

A tune up from our company includes an 18 point inspection. This inspection includes:

  • Electric motor testing
  • Air filter inspection
  • Clean condensation drain lines and pans
  • Indoor blower inspection

Cooling Maintenance Experts – Maxwell HVAC

Call Maxwell Heating and Cooling now, before the temperature starts rising, to make sure everything in your air conditioning unit is top-shape and ready for the hot temps of the summer in Carroll County, GA. Call today!

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