Add a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace This Winter and Start Saving

If you’re relying on your old gas furnace for heat again this winter, you’re wasting your money. Think about that for just a moment. The price of everything — including energy — is going up, and it’s also not likely to change direction. Any investment that promises to save you money in the years to come, is a good investment, which is one very strong reason for you to add a high-efficiency gas furnace this winter. Waiting only puts off the inevitable. Energy prices are not going down, and your furnace is not getting any younger.

Invest in a Lennox® High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

Lennox® is one of the most respected names in the HVAC industry and their high-efficiency EL195E is one of the best high-efficiency furnaces on the market today available from Maxwell Heating & Cooling of Carrollton, Georgia.

One look at the benefits will tell you why this is true:

  • Energy-Star qualified.
  • Reliable. (Every single component goes through rigorous testing in Lennox’s dedicated lab.)
  • Power Saver™ constant torque motor is 33% more efficient than other motors. That’s because it adjusts air speed on demand.
  • Boasts dual-fuel capabilities, meaning that when paired with a Lennox® heat pump, it will automatically switch between gas and electric fuel to keep you warm and comfortable in the most energy-efficient way possible.
  • Delivers an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency)
  • Between its special sound-absorbing materials and its Power Saver™ constant torque motor, it’s one of the quietest furnaces around.

And judging by the ratings it receives from folks who’ve installed it in their own homes, it’s claims are not just hype!

Call Your Authorized Lennox® Dealer – Maxwell Heating and Cooling

To find out how you can start saving right away, contact your authorized Lennox® dealer – Maxwell Heating and Cooling. In Western Georgia and Eastern Alabama, contact us at Maxwell Heating & Cooling, the area’s premier HVAC service providers for more than 20 years! Call us today!

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