Lennox System Air Conditioning Benefits

20 Apr

Air Conditioning Carrollton An air conditioner is a very effective appliance that you can install in your house, offices, restaurants, resorts, hotels and various other places where air conditioning in Georgia is required. These cooling systems are mainly designed in such a way that they can effectively extract heat from the area in which they […]

Lennox’s MS8C—The Solution For Ductless Air Conditioning

20 Mar

It’s nice to have a home set up so every room can enjoy the benefits of central air conditioning. However, even those with central air may have rooms that get a little warmer in the summer, or rooms not connected to the house’s ductwork that need air conditioning as much as the rest of the […]

How A HEPA Filtration System From Lennox Can Ease Respiratory Problems

14 Mar

Most people don’t realize the role that their HVAC system plays in seasonal allergies. The standard fiberglass filters found in most blower systems simply aren’t capable of removing things as small as airborne allergens. A HEPA filter on the other hand, can bring you exactly the kind of relief you desire. This article will discuss […]

How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning System

14 Feb

Repairing vs Replacing Your Air Conditioning System Lennox produces a variety of air conditioning systems that keep your home or business cool during the hottest seasons. Knowing whether they need to be replaced or repaired can be confusing for many property owners. The age of your air conditioning system is an important factor in making […]

3 Incredible Benefits Of The Ultimate Comfort System by Lennox

02 Jan

A quality HVAC system represents one of the best possible investments you could make in your home. And when it comes to the best systems on the market today, none compare to the Ultimate Comfort System from Lennox. This article discusses three aspects of the Ultimate Comfort System that will surely convince you of its […]

Benefits of installing a Lennox iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat

19 Dec

Why you should install a iComfort thermostat Are you interested in installing a Lennox iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat but aren’t sure about the benefits? Read on to find out the comfort benefits. Benefits of a Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat Saves money on your heating and cooling bill Thanks to the iComfort S30’s Smart Away Mode feature, […]