Lennox Zone System

14 Dec

Zone System Benefits The Lennox Zone System is a mix of the most innovative Lennox products added to your home’s HVAC System. The system is the ultimate  in comfort that makes perfection achievable. It was created to present some of the most long lasting and reliable HVAC systems in the industry whilst offering the best […]

Why Is My Lennox Furnace Clicking?

05 Dec

Furnace Repair – Carrollton GA Most of us are used to the odd noises that come out of our furnace systems. Modern Lennox systems should leave you expecting a warm, efficient system throughout the winter. If a persistent “click” has appeared or your system doesn’t seem to be heating as well, it could point to […]

HEPA Air Filtration for your HVAC System

30 Nov

With Lennox’s Healthy Climate HEPA filter added onto your home’s HVAC system, your house will receive hospital grade purification.  This will be an added bonus when Georgia rolls into fall season allergies.  Does anyone in your family suffer with seasonal allergies?  If so, adding this amazing HEPA filter will do wonders for their health. This […]

The benefits of Bosch geothermal systems

13 Nov

Bosch geothermal systems The utilization of Bosch System geothermal energy, similar to the set up of solar panel systems  is obtaining steam as a substitute energy source. Changing over to geothermal energy for the residence or commercial includes both the monetary and ecological advantages. The Department of Power explains Bosch geothermal technologies as exclusive from […]

Lennox Packaged Units Offer Versatility for Home Heating and Cooling

24 Oct

For many people building new homes or renovating and remodeling older ones, some of the most crucial decisions a homeowner must make is how to keep a home comfortably, yet affordably, heated in the cold months, and cool during the summer. Space concerns can often be problematic, with some homes not having a proper crawl space or basement […]

Five Reasons to Add a Carbon Clean Filter to Your HVAC System

15 Oct

Indoor air quality is especially important for today’s homes, which are well insulated and energy efficient but can trap contaminants indoors. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, consider adding a Carbon Clean filter from Lennox to your HVAC system. Here are five reasons why Carbon Clean is the #1 rated whole-home, […]