Lennox Zone System

Zone System Benefits

The Lennox Zone System is a mix of the most innovative Lennox products added to your home’s HVAC System. The system is the ultimate  in comfort that makes perfection achievable. It was created to present some of the most long lasting and reliable HVAC systems in the industry whilst offering the best service and quality for customers. The zone system provides excellent energy efficiency, precise temperature control in addition to clear, fresh air. It is able to control the movement of the air in your house better than any other single HVAC zone system you can buy.

The Lennox Zone System includes ground-breaking pieces of technology which all work in tandem to take your comfort to a superb new level, with extraordinary efficiency. You can save money and keep the temperature at your home where you want it.  When you bundle the zone system with other Lennox system features such as variable-speed airflow, Wi-Fi-enabled temperature controls, and solar-compatibility – you get the best HVAC system on the market. Precise Comfort technology helps keep your house at your preferred temperature and comfort level all day, whilst enhancing overall efficiency.

Installed and configured with the company’s iComfort S30 Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat, the new iHarmony Zoning system is a major advance in precision climate control. It takes your energy savings and comfort to the next level by restricting heating and cooling in seldom used rooms, adjusting your comfort by room and floor, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. Each time there’s a change in your typical routine, the iComfort S30 Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat adapts heating and cooling to match. The in-zone thermostats make it easy to precisely control each zone. With the Schedule IQ technology feature, you’ll only be required to program the thermostat once. iHarmony can be controlled by an Android or iOS device.

Lennox’s iHarmony Zoning feature works all Lennox systems to solve the problem of uncomfortable or uneven temperatures throughout a house, thereby reducing energy costs.