Here it is: The Most Precise and Efficient Heat Pump on the Market Today

Christmas is a few weeks away, and aside from the much-anticipated festivities of the holiday, it also means that winter weather is not far away. Nights are already pretty chilly, and the daylight hours also aren’t exactly balmy, either! Here’s the question: Is your heating system ready for the onslaught of cold temperatures? Or is it getting older, louder and also less energy-efficient than it should be? We are your local heat pump choice in Carrollton, GA, and also the surrounding areas.

Maybe it’s time to consider replacing it with the most precise and efficient heat pump available today — a Lennox XP25. What makes it better? For starters …

  • It’s quiet — so quiet you can barely tell it’s running!
  • Lennox Precise Comfort technology actually adjusts heating and cooling output in increments as small as 1% — now that’s precision comfort!
  • Looking to save some money on your energy bills? The Lennox XP25’s industry-leading efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars every year!
  • If you’re like many Americans today thinking about taking advantage of solar technologies, the Lennox XP25 has you covered. It’s solar ready, which means it can easily be combined with solar roof modules in a SunSource® Home Energy System. That translates into drastic utility bill savings and the possibility of a federal tax credit as well!

The XP25 is not only a good heat pump — it’s the best heat pump Lennox makes, and that’s saying a lot. Pair it with a Dave Lennox Signature® Collection furnace, and the benefits get even better. That’s because the XP25 Heat Pump, like the furnace, has dual fuel capability, which means it will automatically switch back and forth between electricity and also gas, using whichever energy source is most efficient! Read the customer reviews, and we think you’ll be sold!

Contact Lennox’s Heat Pump Experts – Carrollton GA

Maxwell Heating & Cooling is your West Georgia authorized Lennox dealer. Contact us today for more information about the XP25 Heat Pump and other fine Lennox products, and therefore start saving on your energy bills now and for years to come! Call today!

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